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Popular Science Article: an Article to Understand Data Marketing

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Data marketing is an Internet advertising marketing method based on big data and relying on technology. Through appropriate time and channels, products can be placed in front of users more accurately. In this article, the author combines what he has learned to sort fax number database out a popular science article on data marketing that is suitable for newcomers to read. Let's take a look. I have been studying data marketing recently, and I have also read a lot of knowledge related to data marketing. Various articles and materials on the Internet are either too esoteric (professional) or too scattered, which is not very friendly to students who have just dipped into this industry. . So I'll sort it out here, sort out what I've learned, 


Relying on multi-platform big data collection, as well as the analysis and prediction capabilities of big data technology, can make advertising more accurate and effective, and bring a higher return on investment to brand enterprises. ——From Baidu Encyclopedia To put it simply, it is necessary to first have a data source (the data comes from different platforms and devices), and then collect and clean the data <a href=" removed link " target="_blank" rel="noopener">fax number database through data technology, and then analyze the data and make marketing decisions for the brand through the analysis results, thereby helping to improve marketing. effectiveness. How to improve efficiency is to push the results of data analysis, at the right time and through the right channels, with the right products and the right copy materials to the right consumers (refer to many previous articles written by the Data Bank Strategy Center, It is also a type of data marketing). 2.


Why marketing should be digitized 1) Marketing resources have changed from quantitative to qualitative: In the traditional fax number database era, marketing channels were very narrow, nothing more than newspapers, TV, popular offline business districts, and large supermarkets. Now, with the rise of the Internet and various smart devices, the marketing resources of brand owners have changed from quantitative to qualitative , various social media content has shown explosive growth, and the amount of data has also increased from G to T and even to P. How to better manage these resources requires the integration of the resources on hand through technical means .

Posted : 03/04/2022 7:05 am