Welcome to Web Designing Class for Beginners

In this web design training, we will build a website together step-by-step and along the way you will organically absorb and master WordPress. It’s all about having you follow along with us and we always encourage experimentation over memorization. This is an easy to follow, simple and straight forward guide(web design training) that takes you through the process of creating a complete, fully functional and professional website, for any purpose, as a beginner using WordPress. Even if you don’t have or know how to obtain a domain name, I will show you how to go from step 1 of getting a domain name, all the way to going live with an easy to manage, great looking complete site using WordPress.

Learning Objectives

You’ll learn how to host a website, create a cooperate websites, design an online stores, create a blog, lead pages & other pages.

You’ll learn from highly experienced experts on real life projects, use the most latest tools  & techniques, gain access to all the tools you need to design by yourself  & other businesses.

  • No prior knowledge of website design is required as everything will be covered in this training.  You’ll need a working computer/laptop/smartphone. You don’t need any coding experience at all. 

This training cost just a token of ‎₦4,000 only.  The training  starts from 8pm and ends on 10pm every Saturday. The venue is our Premium whatsapp group.