You are currently viewing Steps To getting Google Adsense Approval Within 72hours

Steps To getting Google Adsense Approval Within 72hours

Steps To getting Google Adsense Approval Within 72hours

Last time I shared with us how google approved my site for AdSense within 3 days; so I’m here with a professional guide on how to get google AdSense approval.

Step1: Add common pages like the contact us, privacy policy, and terms page.

Step2: Add your site to both google analytics and google search console, so google can track your website and index it. This is very important

Step3: Make sure to add a menu and categories to organize your website. If you go to my website you’ll see how the menu is categorized. Google love to see an organized website; so make sure to add a menu and categorize your website into subcategories and pages otherwise your website will look like a site in a development state and you’ll get a denial.

Step4: Make sure to use a simple and clean theme to look professional. If you go to my website you’ll discover that I’m using a professional theme and I made it by myself. Let’s forget the fact that I am a web developer; what I am trying to say here is that you need a professional theme if you want google to approve your site.

Step5: Use a custom domain. Even if you’re on a Blogspot, please use a custom domain name it shows you are serious.

Step6: In case you have a blog and you’re publishing articles and posts; please make sure you publish between 15 to 20 posts before applying.

Step7: In my experience, it’s always good to wait for 30 to 45 days before applying. Don’t just publish your site today and then rush to apply. No! No! No!. it doesn’t work that way sir/ma.

All the steps above will help you to get approval. I hope got some benefits.

Let me know if you have any questions in the comment sections.


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I'm Chima Chinaru.A Web developer, a website designing trainer, blogger, seo manager and internet marketer.Am a graduate of industrial mathematics and a php fullstack developer.

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