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Advanced Digital Skills In 2020

Technology rules the world I’m sure you’re familiar with that line. Now when we talk about technology we also refer to digital skills, like I once said in my class; in this period we are everything has changed and will still keep changing especially when the pandemic is over, the way churches migrated to online programs is a proof you need to consider… the question is what are you doing?
Are you sitting down waiting for the pandemic to be over?
Now from the way we pay our bills to the way we play has been channelled towards digital skills and technology. Before now we have children playing outside the courtyard’s and compounds even if we still have them do that but can’t be compared to the number of children including adults that now play via computer games.. Sure you are familiar with PS3 and so on… As if that’s not enough the way we socialize has now increasingly changed they are less physical community meetings and more group meetings via the social media platform’s.
Now statically it’s confirmed by the European school that 99% of jobs today needs about 70-100% digital skills in the workforce.

So What Is This Digital Skills(Basic)
This is the minimum level of digital knowledge you need to acquire in order to safely use digital technology equipment to access the benefit it can provide. And we have categories of digital skills:
1. Managing information: Here you find how to create, and store digital information and content
2. Communication: you figure out how you can use digital skills to communicate, interact, collaborate, share and connect with others
3.Transaction: Here you channel yourself to the discovery of how you can use digital skills to purchase, and sell products and services in order to organize your finance.
4.Problem- solving: The question is how do you make use of digital skills to increase independence and confidence in finding solutions to problems
5. Creation: This is vast creating content and communities… So how do you engage people and communities to create basic digital content.

ADVANCED DIGITAL SKILLS That yields profit even in this pandemic:

* programming, coding, website creation
* Setting up a WiFi Network, selling of Data
* Basis photo editing and video editing
* Online Banking
* Branding yourself an so on..

Now Business are going online, they need to have platforms and social media presence which they will be needing all the skills I made mention of above.
It’s no just about digital skills but also digital competence, which is the set of knowledge ,skills, attitudes, required using ICT and digital media to perform task, solve problems, communicate, manage information, collaborate and create as well as share content effectively and efficiently.

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