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What is the best affiliate program out there?

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Top 4 Affiliate Programs To Find High-Quality Products For Your Website

Affiliate marketing is probably the hottest-selling cake today. With a lot of major platforms having an affiliate program of their own, it becomes difficult for an affiliate marketer to select the best one. Choosing the right affiliate program is crucial to your business and earnings. Keeping its importance in mind, here we have brought you a comprehensive list of the top affiliate programs with their prominent features. Read ahead and select the one that best suits your niche.

  1. LambdaTest Affiliate Program
    The lambdaTest affiliate program is one of the best affiliate programs to join in 2018. This cross-browser testing tool is a budding startup! Joining the affiliate program is an amazing opportunity for you to join hands with LambdaTest and make some quick and easy money by promoting this cross-browser testing tool. Each affiliate marketer gets a flat 25% recurring commission on all yearly plans. On monthly plans, you can earn a 50% commission on the first transaction followed by a recurring 25% monthly commission as long as the user stays with LambdaTest.
  2. AWeber Affiliate Program
    AWeber offers a fantastic affiliate program for budding and expert affiliate marketers. The program demands you promote their email marketing software and offers a recurring 30% commission in return. It does not have any cost for signing up and all the payments are settled monthly.
  3. Bluehost Affiliates
    The Bluehost affiliate program offers a whopping $65 for each sign-up on their web-hosting service portal! Cool, isn’t it? With custom tracking coded hard into their platform, they make use of advanced and customized technology to ensure that each affiliate marketer always gets credit for every single referral. They have a dedicated team of affiliate managers to help you succeed and offer you personalized advice.
  4. Teachable Affiliate Program
    Teachable is a platform to create and sell your own online courses. Join the free Teachable affiliate program and earn 30% commissions with a 90-day cookie! It is one of the best affiliate programs in the industry and gives you the opportunity to earn thousands off a single email. All the payments are settled monthly via PayPal. Moreover, once you refer a user to Teachable, you earn a commission for as long as the user stays.
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