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How are people abusing search engine optimization?

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Having a high search engine ranking isn't an objective all by itself. The objective is that people looking on specific keywords would go to your site and not your competition. It is a race for eyeballs and clicks.

The best moral route for doing as such is to have interesting and relevant content for your visitors.

I have mentioned some points about how people are abusing SEO:

  • Search Engine Spamming: Abuse by some starts to occur with any new and emerging technology, and that does limit usefulness, just like Spam for email.
  • The WordPress Debacle: Misuse of WordPress
  • The Syndic8 Debacle: Website that uses lots of links and useless keywords in articles was prohibited by Google, and had its Ad sense account suspended.
  • High Paying Keywords: Some sites even target high paying Ad Words keywords, which provide more dollars per click than other keywords.
  • Blogging and Ads: Abusing by some bloggers that have turned into a blog enterpreneurs
  • Flooding the Ads: Another annoying practice is flooding Google Ads by a few sites.
Posted : 27/02/2023 11:22 am
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People abuse search engine optimization (SEO) by engaging in tactics that manipulate search engine rankings unfairly. These abusive practices include keyword stuffing, using low-quality or irrelevant backlinks, cloaking content, and creating thin or duplicate content. Such practices aim to deceive search engines and gain higher rankings, but they can result in penalties or devaluation by search engines, ultimately harming the user experience.

Posted : 26/10/2023 6:38 am