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How to deploy ASP net website on cpanel in 2022 and beyond

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ASP net cpanel hosting

How to deploy ASP net website on cpanel.

Hey guy! Last time I dropped a topic here regarding hosting a website via cpanel.

This time I want us to discuss on this topic but in a different concept.

How to deploy ASP net website on cpanel?

Posted : 17/11/2021 3:39 am
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Thread starterlarry123 Start dateNov 13, 2012 Tagshosting
Nov 13, 2012
hello, i am sorry but i am a complete newbie to cpanel and website hosting. i just developed an web application for a small firm. The firm already has an existing website that is hosted on cpanel. so i am wondering if there is a way to upgrade the existing cpanel plan to accommodate webpages. thanks
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Nov 13, 2012

The only support that cPanel provides at all for ASP.NET is via an Apache module named mod_mono. mod_mono will not work with all ASP.NET scripts, and it is not compatible with "classic" ASP. If you need ASP.NET support, it is really better for you to provision a Windows server, which can run ASP.NET scripts natively.

You can read about mod_mono here:

Mod mono - Mono

We only provide very limited support for mod_mono. The only support we provide for mod_mono is to make sure that EasyApache builds it. We cannot help you install or deploy your ASP.NET scripts.

You will need an expert mod_mono administrator in order to use this. We do not provide support at all for configuring mod_mono or your ASP.NET scripts.

Keeping these things in mind, if you have retained the services of an expert mod_mono administrator, you can install mod_mono using EasyApache. mod_mono is listed in step #6, "Exhaustive Options List", of EasyApache.

Again I emphasize that if you are not familiar with mod_mono, you will definitely need the services of an expert mod_mono administrator. If you need to host many sites that use ASP.NET scripts, it is really best for you to get a Windows server, because mod_mono is not a complete implementation of ASP.NET and will not necessarily work with all of the scripts you may want to host for your customers.

Posted : 17/11/2021 4:11 am