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Fighting for Success: How to Market Your Identity Protection Plan

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In a world of increasing risk and diminishing focus, effectively marketing your identity protection program is critical to your success. That's why EZShield takes a partner approach to identity protection. We don't just offer proven products. We help financial institutions combine world-class protection with targeted marketing materials and multi-channel communication programs to ensure success. In fact, these partner marketing resources recently received a 2018 Communicator Excellence Award for their campaign. EZShield has won a total of 11 Communicator Awards this year - which makes this article very timely. It's not without challenges. Identity protection marketing is stuck in tricky territory - full of marketing warnings and regulatory guidelines. However, with a knowledgeable team to assist with your marketing plan, you can ensure a smooth implementation of your go-to-market strategy.


In this post, I'll break down the best practices for identity protection marketing and how we can arm our own partners with marketing resources to ensure consistent, successful programs. define your strategy Have you heard the phrase "sell to everyone, not to anyone"? While on the surface, identity protection may seem essential to anyone living in today's increasingly data-fragile world, not everyone views protection in the same light. It is <a class="_3Bkfb Bg5MT forum-links-hashtags-color css-lazrjn _1lsz7" href=" removed link " target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer nofollow ugc" data-hook="linkViewer">industry mailing list to segment and position your program accordingly. With target audiences, you can assess the unique identity theft and fraud risks of specific groups of people and develop a communication plan that effectively engages them. We have developed targeted marketing campaigns for our partners to meet the needs, wishes and preferred communication methods of different groups of people. With this targeted approach, consumers can easily find value in protecting their identity and enjoy the benefits that matter most to them.


hone your voice Branding and messaging are key credibility builders that every project needs. Identity protection marketing used to be plagued by misconduct. Historically, others in the industry have used their voices to voice intimidation tactics and make vague promises about the protections they offer. It fell apart quickly. For long-term success, clear and transparent information is the only way. With a humanized voice that provides easy-to-understand value, consumers can easily navigate the product and get the most out of it. Honing your voice also includes measuring your audience’s relationship with your brand and implementing branding practices accordingly. This could mean leading with your own brand or using it with a trusted supplier. At EZShield, our team works with partners to understand their unique audiences to deliver branding and messaging tailored to their needs.

Posted : 06/04/2022 5:39 am
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Well articulated.
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Posted : 06/04/2022 7:26 am