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Logo Find a graphic designer web design Find a web designer Post an ad Are you a graphic designer? Create an account for free 3. Script fonts script typography Script type fonts have a more casual and creative nature. However, their lack of readability does not allow them to be used in the body of a text. On the other hand, these typographies are ideal for conveying a more personal message. Their appearance favors a more familiar approach. They thus offer a feeling of creative elegance, personalization, and play on the emotion of the reader. There are a large number of script fonts, including: Alex Brush, Pacifico, Lobster, Tangerine, or Arizonia. 4. Decorative Fonts decorative typography Decorative fonts are used exclusively in the advertising sector. They therefore do not fall into any official typographical category.

They can even creatively blend character traits from other writing styles to produce a unique, totally personalized font that aims to stand out. They can thus be described as relaxed, creative, original, flexible and urban. Some examples of decorative fonts : Phosphate, Chalkduster, Graffiti, Grunge and Stencil. 5. Accentuate the psychological effects <a href=" removed link " target="_blank" rel="noopener">background remove service of the chosen typographic style In addition to the typographic style itself, other levers allow you to accentuate the emotions provoked by the typeface you have finally chosen. Accentuate-psychology-typographies Typographic emphasis Bolding is a widely used technique for adding emphasis to text, naturally drawing the reader's attention to the highlighted words.


But there are other ways to achieve the same result, such as italics, underlining, and strikethrough. Designers sometimes go so far as to change the font and size of one word relative to others to draw the reader's attention to it. Some fonts originally use typographic emphasis, such as Helvetica Bold and Times New Roman Italic. The font hierarchy plays a similar role, while improving readability and a sense of consistency in text. Thus, the titles are bigger than the body of the text. Similarly, a call to action is also highlighted by this hierarchy. Colors As we know, colors have a proven influence on human emotions . For instance : red is equated with passion, excitement, strength, as well as danger and aggressiveness; green is synonymous with balance, security, the environment and growth; blue represents calm, confidence, freshness, authority.

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