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A zappy shockwave t...
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A zappy shockwave that's one of the few melee attacks

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An angel appears, delivers a smackdown on anyone around you, and departs with a blessing which grants 20 percent damage reduction. Heavenly Blessings is an attack however it's also one of two buffs that you'll have to switch between. In the first tripod, take Faith to get a piety gauge increase, and Valor on the second tripod to increase the attack power for the party members who are nearby. Heavenly Blessings is useful enough you'll want it in both loadouts. However, take the mana recovery increase absolute Blessing in the final tripod in the support loadout. You can also use Heavenly Requiem to increase radius and damage when you're in a solo loadout.

You can stick your sword into the air, and unleash lightning as if you were He-Man with the wrath God. Wide Thunderstroke and Faith for the first two tripods provide it a bigger radius and another piety boost, then Express Fury for the third tripod provides an additional attack power boost for party members. Do you recognize the name? It's the exact same buff as Heavenly Blessings which is available with The Valor tripod. The only issue is that the two don't stack. So rather you'll need to move between the two main buffs. The thing is, it's strong enough to be used for both loadouts.

A zappy shockwave that's one of the few melee attacks that Paladins have in their arsenal. Light Shock does not have an extensive range, however. What makes it a great choice is Light's Vestigewhich is the second tripod, meaning that enemies who are struck by it will suffer 10% more damage from your pals. Choose Swift Fingers as the first tripod to ensure that it's quick. You can also choose Powerful Shock as the third tripod that can double the damage although it's most useful for debuff. This skill's for your support loadout only.If you want to know more about cheapest Lost Ark Gold product information can go to p2pah.

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