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How to create a forum on my WordPress website

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How do I create a forum on my wordpress website? Also does forums consume hosting? Like do I need a bigger hosting plan to run a forum on my website?

Posted : 25/04/2022 5:31 pm
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The first question you asked how do I create a forum on WordPress? Creating a forum on WordPress is possible or you have to do is choosing the right tools like; WordPress theme and Wordplay Plugins to get the work done.

You might probably be thinking what are the right plugin & themes to start creating a forum on WordPress, I will list and recommend you the following tools needed to start up a forum on WordPress.

  1. Wpforo
  2. Wpforo Addon
  3. Generatepress

Wpforo: this is a plug-in that will help you create a forum automatic all you have to do is to customise the design and all layout to your taste, this is not something that is very difficult to re-edit adding all the needed: category and threads.

Wpforo Addon: this is an extra feature of the wpforo, which will enable you to enhance the eligibility of some feature like; (1) wpForo Topic Custom Fields, (2) wpForo Topic Prefix & Tags Manager, (3) wpForo Private Messages, (4) wpForo Emoticons, (5) Wpforo Polls… and lot more.

Generatepress Theme: In any website that you are creating on wordpress there's always a suitable design for each and everyone; but in this case I will recommend you generatepress. There are different lot more of workplace team out there you can make research and get one and make use of it.

Does Forum consume hosting space??

Creating a blog or a forum on WordPress take space for hosting them. But the question is does forum consume hosting space? It does not really consume hosting space but it only increased the size of upload and brand width. The more traffic and files upload on the forum, it increased the file size and hosting bandwidth.

Do I need a bigger hosting plan to run a forum on my website?

Forum is just like a community where users come together to share, knowledge together and exchange value with freedom of speech within the members. If you're asking if you need a bigger hosting plan before creating a forum. The answers is YES! Starting a forum with a big vision should not be wrong on any hosting platform that is not reliable, you can start as little as you have and later upgrade to the bigger hosting plan.

What you should know!

Starting a forum is not like starting a blog but in both cases they both share content online in video written format. Forum comprise of different lot of feature which user will likely want to have it e.g PM, Sharing of files, and lot more. so in this case I will advise you if you are creating a forum you should move to a better hosting that is reliable. 

Posted : 25/04/2022 8:57 pm
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