Learnedclub survey

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  1. Anonymous

    It is good to be here.

  2. Anonymous

    Very brainful admin

  3. Nweke Daniel

    It’s a really great platform with a simple and easy user interface
    It’s one of a kind
    But I do wish the admins could stop the systems or bots from trashing and cutting someone’s earnings for some mistakes
    Instead don’t add anything at all
    And then please I am always uncertaint of the reason y someone will have an amount of money in his account but when he wants to withdraw it what shows up is another different lower figure
    Apart from these
    Learned club is the best

  4. Anonymous

    Legit platform

  5. William Nuhu

    I can’t see any survey, but please concerning payment I suggest payment should be maintained monthly. And let’s please be updated daily about the number of ads clicks done by members so as others to participate more. Thanks.

  6. Emmanuel Nathaniel

    Good work, keep it up

  7. Kudirat Omotayo

    The sharing percentage which is 40/60 is not good. Imagine having 3000 in your wallet and the 60% belong to someone else.

  8. Okedeyi

    Increase the alpha member withdrawal to 50%

  9. Treasure Michael Asuquo

    Taking the greater part of our money is not encouraging.
    And taking too long to pay the money after placing withdrawal is not good.
    Atleat it shouldn’t take up to a week.

  10. Iyiola Immanuel

    I want to commend the administration of this platform for their hardworking and efficiency… Well-done sirs
    I will like to suggest some things to improve the organization…
    I will like to encourage u sir to make some adjustments in the percentage for alpha members because all those that I wanted to refer didn’t like the percentage at all.. although I joined not quite long and haven’t withdrawn before but I’ve been trying to refer people but they didn’t like the earnings.
    Also the daily task should be constant I know it’s not easy but the grace of God will be sufficient for u
    Concerning the task I just think maybe the shouldn’t be the same like u should try and be introducing new things like this sir
    Once again thank you very much sirs… We are grateful for ur transparency and effective essential
    We will be expecting the alert??☺️

  11. Ugonna Faith

    Learnedclub is tested and trusted

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