The 3 Most Effective Marketing Channels in 2023

I read a lot of chats, text messages, and even mail every day. There are so many questions coming to me from different people as regards the best or most effective marketing channels in 2023.
In this article, I will share my opinion concerning this question:

In 2023, which marketing channel or channels are going to be more effective and expensive?

Without wasting much time, here are three marketing channels that will be effective in 2023:
1) SEO: It remains a crucial driver of revenue and traffic; “People will always Google”.
All 17 experts highlighted SEO as a key marketing channel to focus on for their brand. Four of the experts provided specific recommendations on what SEO had to offer to online brands.
For more details about SEO, please kindly read this post: Technical SEO and its advantages
2. Visual & Video searches will be key in 2023:
Optimized content for visual searches such as images and videos will continue to be effective. Both these will be big in 2023. Google wants to prioritize ideas from authoritative sites as well as video-featured snippets and with a little planning, marketers can make their visual content shine.
3. Social Networks are key to building a brand:
TikTok was mentioned no less than 8 times in our expert round-ups. It’s clear that social media remains one of the most potent platforms for growing a following and building a brand.
All of the above channels are effective, now the question is are they cost-effective? The answer is yes to all. All can be done free of charge. SEO can be done by incorporating a keyword type of strategy with hashtags, and online keywords to describe your content and posting daily. Let’s not forget content development on a trusted website. Websites are now built with SEO compatibility features so you don’t have to do a lot of grunt work. Video platforms and social platforms are typically free and or low cost and can be used to showcase your skills, brand, and/or products/content.
Also, all of these things can be costly. Depending on the reach a company or brand wants to have, the impact they want to achieve, and the budget for marketing the above things can be costly. SEO can be effective when used with PPC (pay-per-click) campaign methodology through systems such as Spyfu or Semrush. Video marketing used with AI platforms and additional solutions can also cost money. Running ads through social media or Google ads also can be expensive.
Altogether these plans can range from $99 and up. I cannot put an end range because marketing is not a set thing. I may have a smaller budget than a well-known company such as Apple. Their marketing budget could be in the millions. I hope this post helps.


I'm Chima Chinaru.A Web developer, a website designing trainer, blogger, seo manager and internet marketer.Am a graduate of industrial mathematics and a php fullstack developer.

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