Alpha members revenue percentage share increase.

We agreed that percentage share for LEARNEDCLUB revenue is going to be increased when hit 1k registered members but ever since then; some people have been complaining that we should increase it.

LEARNEDCLUB.COM is very open and democratic in all there dealings; hence we have decided to subject it into voting. Participate in the poll below.

Do you want LEARNEDCLUB to increase alpha members' revenue share to 50%?


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  1. Anonymous

    Adeyemi olayemi

  2. Anonymous

    Let it just remain the way it’s member are not ready to add up
    Semiu Oyeyode

  3. Anonymous

    Don’t increase the alpha member registration

    1. kenneth regina



        Gostei muito ??

  4. Blessing Aniekan Sampson

    I would have been more happier if the revenue could be raised to 50%

    1. Faith Ugonna

      I’ll suggest since the price has been increased the revenue should be increased to a least 50%

  5. Fatiu Olamide

    I loves how you seek the opinion of others before acting

  6. Anonymous

    Great ?

    1. Anonymous

      Since the increase has been activated let the revenue be 50% too,just a suggestion though.

  7. Emmanuel Inalegwu

    Please the daily Logins should be increase

  8. Obukohwo Daniel

    I suggest registration should be increased for new members only, earnings also be increased, but old members should continue without paying again new members will pay 2k upon registration

  9. Anonymous

    Nura Ibrahim Muazzam

  10. Mba precious

    Do not increase let it be 40% or 50

  11. Okeowo Taiwo


  12. Izokun Great

    Earnings should be increase

    1. Riki

      It was very useful to me thank you

  13. Martha ukaegbu

    Do not increase it. Leave it the way it was

    1. Oghenenyerowho Blessing

      Daily tasks should be increased

  14. Ebelechukwu Ndubuisi

    It would be nice if the percentage payment is increased to at least 50%

  15. Anonymous

    Kingsley Inyang

  16. Anonymous

    Since the increase has been activated let the revenue be 50% too,just a suggestion though.

  17. Unyime Okon

    They should allow it to be at 40%

  18. Peculiar God'swill


  19. Kudirat

    Don’t increase the revenue but increase the earning percentage to 50%

  20. Kudirat

    Increase the alpha membership fees to 2k for new members and increase the earning percentage to 50%

  21. Ezeh Mmesoma

    In my opinion it’s better to create another package with a different price so everyone can go for the one they can afford.

  22. Anonymous

    Just let it be the way it was

    1. Joys adam

      Thank you for this informations

  23. Ilo Monsoor-Ahmad

    Great idea

  24. Ilo Monsoor-Ahmad

    Great one indeed

  25. Nurudeen Abdulhaqqi Adebayo

    Please Don’t increase the alpha member registration

  26. Mak4

    Nice job

  27. Vramos

    Very good, I found everything I needed in this blog.

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