learnedclub alpha membership price increment

On 28 June 2022, we launched LEARNEDCL UB and since then a lot of transformation has taken place. We love carrying our members along, so we subject everything to voting. Kindly choose by yourself what you would love us to do. Vote according to your heart’s desires.

Do you want LEARNEDCLUB to increase the registration fee of Alpha members to 2k?


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  1. Anonymous

    No do not increase it let daily login be #50
    Semiu Oyeyode

    1. Ezeh Mmesoma

      I prefer we leave everything the way it is for now.

  2. Anonymous

    No don’t increase

    1. Ogunmakinwa Evelyn

      Ogunmakinwa Evelyn
      Don’t just hold your phone and be wasting data. Let know how to make money with our smart phone

  3. Fatiu Olamide

    Fatiu Olamide

  4. Anonymous


    1. Bell Scott

      Wow I really appreciate this information. Thanks

  5. Emmanuel Inalegwu

    Please increase it

  6. Obukohwo Daniel

    Anyone you guys choose but let it be the benefit of everyone please

  7. ifechukwu john

    So amazing

  8. Mba precious

    Anyone option can go but let referral not be compulsory.

    1. Adam Lee

      Yes! Anyone you guys choose but let it be the benefit of everyone please..

  9. Okeowo Taiwo

    Good work

  10. Blessing Aremu

    This is good and easy to understand

  11. Martha ukaegbu

    Increase it let daily logins be 100

  12. Ebelechukwu Ndubuisi

    Daily logins,task etc should be increased If price increases

    1. Ni


  13. Anonymous

    Kingsley Inyang

  14. Unyime Okon

    No don’t increase it

  15. Peculiar God'swill


    1. Oghenenyerowho Blessing

      Daily login and daily tasks should be increased,if price is increased

  16. Kudirat


  17. Kudirat

    Increase the earning percentage to 50%

    1. Ilo Monsoor-Ahmad

      A unanimous agreement can be made

  18. Anonymous

    Just leave everything the way it is now

  19. Love Benedict

    Well i will say wether you increase it or not..let payment be possible to every member that are active and please reduce the 40% for alpha members to 20% cos now things are expensive including data…make it easy for us…

  20. Ilo Monsoor-Ahmad

    It should remain the way it’s

  21. Emmerson Ebiefie

    whatever we choose should be beneficial for everyone

  22. Mak4

    good work

  23. Michael

    I love this post

  24. Ashish Lama

    Nice post

  25. Anonymous

    Good job

  26. Favrite

    This is an informative article

  27. Anonymous

    This post is very good

  28. Jedybirr

    Kindly this is great site, please go on with your posts

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