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Strikingly's intuitive features allow blog posts to go global quickly. Discover the Tricks of the Profitable Blog! We will show you in this article, everything there is to know about how to start a profitable blog: What are the Ways to Start a Profitable Blog? How to Monetize a Blog? How to Create a Profitable Blog with Strikingly? What are the Ways to Start a Profitable Blog? Starting a profitable blog seems like a difficult task, but you just need to be equipped with the right knowledge, tools, and skills to achieve monetization success. Here are the 5 ways to create a profitable blog: 1. Choose your Niche 2. Try Strikingly Site Builder 3. Use the Best Web Design 4. Get to Know Your Target Readers 5. Get your Domain Name 1. Choose your Niche Obviously, the first thing you need to work on is your niche. Understanding your niche can help you develop your marketing strategies and goals. At first, you might find it useful to visit some online forums to find out about hot topics or the latest trends.

By tackling what people want to read and know, you will do your best to design a profitable blog. Make sure you get this first step right. 2. Try Strikingly Site Builder Why choose Strikingly? The platform has a powerful editor as <a href=" removed link " target="_blank" rel="noopener">image manipulation service well as great features to create a profitable blog. The platform also offers web hostingfree and unlimited for all mobile websites and these are two important things to create a quality blog on the internet. With the drag and drop functionality, it will be easier for you to make changes to the available templates.  so you can always make updates. You can send newsletters to your readers and add a paid subscription for new members. You don't need to learn to code to create your own blog space with us. Monetize your blog and start a free 14-day trial now. Home Strikingly Image taken from Strikingly 3. Use the Best Web Design Creating quality content alone is not enough to create a profitable blog. You need to invest in top-notch web designs.

Strikingly offers over a hundred templates with eye-catching themes that make it easy to generate web traffic while increasing blog profits. A stunning homepage can be a factor in a blog's success. You can consult the models chosen by other users to inspire you and create your own. 4. Get to Know Your Target Readers To make your blog profitable, you need to fully understand and know your target readers. Good content can't grab attention if the writer hasn't done any research on their target audience. Know your readers to suggest topics that correspond to their interests, their moods, their intentions or their cultures in order to design a truly profitable blog. Presentation A Sunday Image from A Dimanche 5. Get your Domain Name Getting a domain name is key to creating a profitable blog.

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