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How to make use of all powerful Samsung keyboard clipboard

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I've always told people to buy Samsung phone because I believe Samsung phone is one of the best in the world and I'm going to show you a key feature of Samsung phones.

Samsung has one of the best virtual keyboard you can use on Galaxy smartphones. As it has numerous accessibility options and customisation that come with the phone which makes it a wonderful phone. One of those key features is the clipboard. Clip clipboard is built into the Samsung keyboard that lets you see previously copied items and recent screenshots that you made with your phone. Please note before we go on you must have a Samsung phone to be able to use this feature if not you need to buy a Samsung phone. From the clipboard you can paste those items without stressing yourself usually people encounter problems during typing such as how to continuously copy and paste without getting interrupted. The clipboard feature of the Samsung smartphone makes all the difference.

How to enable Samsung keyboard clipboard on your Galaxy device. First things first you must have a Galaxy device. Second thing is that you must enable the Samsung keyboard on your device this automatically helps the clipboard to come on board. Then you need to ensure that your keyboard to buy is turned on to do this. Open the settings app on your phone and access the general setting then tap keyboard list and default then go to default keyboard and then select Samsung keyboard to enable the clipboard. Next need to tap the Google setting icon associated with Samsung keyboard and make sure that  keyboard to Bar toggle is turned on. Once you've done so. you will love to enable the Samsung keyboard tool Bar by following the steps above. You will probably want a clipboard shortcut option but adding shortcut to the toolbar makes things way too easy for you. Whenever you want to use the keyboard just tap the screen at the edge of the keyboard,is going to pop up a keyboard and edge of the keyboard, you're going to see three dotted line click on that three dotted lines and you will see the clipboard pop up with some other thing . click on the clipboard then go to see the list of things you been copying using your phone and some of the pictures you saved, then you will be to use any of them. all you have to do is just tap on it to make it work

  • Do you also know that Samsung phones especially the Galaxy series come with Google voice typing. This is a very sweet feature of the Samsung smartphone you don't want to miss out on this. so I suggest you go to the market right now and get yourself a Galaxy series smartphone to enjoy the pictures. The Google voice typing feature it's something I will be discussing with you on another day. I'm going to show you everything it can do for you it is quite easy to use this feature because most of us hate to type but with this you can just speak to your phone and it's going to just automatically write what you are saying. It's more like the way you speak to your Google search engine when when you don't want to type
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