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Will the Internet b...
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Will the Internet be better in the future than it is today?

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I want you to actually define what you mean by "better". To some people better means more freedom while as to others better means more control. Others look at it from a more practical impact on life ie what software are available or what graphics are able. Traditional programmers who however look at it from a different side that is from coding. Looking at things from The Development so far about internet it is not so far-fetched to say that internet will evolve from being on your laptop screens and your phone screens to being on your environment and your surroundings more like everyday used in terms of the kind of car you drive and where you go to toilet and so many other things. Internet is truly truly advancing before had internet that require physical building and mass stations but today internet broadband are being broadcasted from Space by Elon Musk. Everyday the dependence will have an internet grow and with more dependence on internet means lesser and lesser freedom. Today we have cars that are intelligent that is self-driving cars and those self-driving cars use internet to operate and because they use internet you as the owner of the car,you depend on internet because most of these cars know went to refuel ,when to slow down,when to speed up or when to increase the temperature of the closet and so many things that they can do. In Europe many Europeans are beginning to cut away from companies that has any connection to American security intelligence agencies like NSA CIA FBI because majority of these people don't want you to have freedom on the internet and whether you like it or not they will ensure that you do not have it and as internet advances they will continue cutting back at it. But at the same time, many other Western countries (previously thought to as free countries) are relinquishing their laws of freedom in favour of a more policed state.
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Posted : 21/04/2022 7:25 am
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Thanks for sharing

Posted : 21/04/2022 11:26 am